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This is TOO COOL! The 11" tall glass bottle is a replica of the FORTNITE in game power-up.  When you slowly tilt the Mini Shield Potion Wave Bottle from side to side, it create a visually appealing display of ocean waves inside.  This is due Hughes Wave Motion Machines wave fluid formula. Best of all, the liquids are BLACK LIGHT REACTIVE, so all you need is a strong fluorescent black light in a dark room for it to produce a bright glow!  

  The fluids are non-toxic and the bottle has been sealed with a two part epoxy.  Great for Cosplay or FORTNITE-themed birthday parties, The FORTNITE Mini Shield Potion Wave Bottle will be made in limited numbers, so purchase while they are available!  Decal color may vary between purple or white.  There is a 5 business day lead time prior to shipping, so please take this into consideration if needed by a certain date.


NEW! FORTNITE Mini Shield Potion WAVE Bottle

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