12" Hughes WaveTube
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What you are looking at is a brand new piece of kinetic art called the Hughes WaveTube custom built by Hughes Wave Motion Machines. This is a manually operated display that is filled with the proprietary Hughes Wave Fluids Formula in your choice of Ocean Blue, Basic Blue, UV Reactive Blue, Brilliant Orange, Violet, UV Reactive Laser Green, Emerald Green, UV Reactive Pink, Red, Yellow, and Black.
While minimalist in design, the lively display that forms in the WaveTube when it's rocked gently from side to side is incredibly relaxing and entertaining to watch. I even put a small child to sleep with it! It would look right at home on your coffee table, entertainment center, bar, or office desk. The entire WaveTube is handcrafted right here in Philadelphia by Hughes Wave Motion Machines and is of the highest quality. It measures 12 x 2" and it is made from heavy walled acrylic tube and includes a cradle for it to rest on when not in use. It is ROCK SOLID. All the exposed edges are routed and then flame polished by hand for a very simplistic and subtle design. It is beautiful piece of modern art. Photos and videos don't do it justice. Please be aware that there is a 15 BUSINESS DAY LEAD TIME FOR THIS ITEM. Each unit is handcrafted to order in Philadelphia, PA.  Please indicate your color choice with your payment.

PLEASE NOTE- There is a 15% Restocking Fee and 2.9% PayPal Fee for cancelled orders.  This means that if an order is cancelled after payment, these fees will be deducted from the total of your original payment.  These machines are hand built to order and PayPal has changed their policy to keep the original transaction fee.


12" Hughes WaveTube

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